Statistics Supplied by REBGV

Below are links to downloadable PDF files with great information and market snapshots compile by our Real Estate Board.

Listings are at all time low in all 3 categories and all 4 areas except for detached homes in East Van. Though prices are up, the ales are only 4% higher, this is likely due to the little about of product available.

Detached homes – Sales in WV have jumped the most with a 74% increase from last year. North and West Van are tied for the highest increase in the benchmark price with 29% higher for each

Condominiums – the number of condominiums available are lowest in East Van with North Van right behind. West Vancouver’s condo sales are up 142% and maybe are finally catching up – as this market has seen little increase until this year. Prices are up 19.5% just slightly less than over all winner – Vancouver West. Notable the NV condo market has not performed as well as the others…

Townhomes – The demand on townhomes is high with the high price of homes, with Vancouver East leading in the highest increase at 21%. West Van does not have enough sales to register a change.


West Vancouver Stats Package

North Vancouver Stats Package

Vancouver West Stats Package

Vancouver East Stats Package